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Born in Rome (Italy) in 1984 Discovered photography in 2004 Became a fashion photographer in 2009

Since 2009, works everyday with designers, stylists, make up artists... in order to create new moods and original ideas for her editorials that have been shot and published ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Recent publications ______________________________________________ Posh Kult Freek Suitcase No Cigar BG Magazine One Book H Fiasco Drew Cielo Vixen Magazine Nicotine Superior Vanity Teen Fashionisto Blü Magazine Uce Magazine LOL Lui Slave Magazine Wassakh Veux PaperCut Chew W25 2BeMag Out Of The Box Revista Wilhelmina Kinki Crumb Love Sex Dance Look Spray Sublime Rush Fiori

Seen on ______________________________________________ ELLE Italy ELLe Danmark H&M - T Shirt L'Espresso ID Maxim Skøn magazine Vanity Teen

Photo magazines ______________________________________________ Bigshot360 - Interview Fotografare - Interview Il Fotografo - Interview Tutto Digitale - Interview Fotografia Reflex - Interview