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Before blocking my account: if you're blocking me for edits with summaries containing (Script), just tell me to slow down at c:User talk:-revi instead. Those are automated script edits for Commons' filemove system.

Please leave your message at one of the following sites:
Wikidata-logo-en.svg d:User talk:-revi for Wikidata/interwikilinks stuff (I'm one of the Amministratori there);
Commons-logo.svg commons:User talk:-revi for renaming stuff or CommonsDelinker actions (I'm one of the Amministratori there);

Wikimedia Community Logo optimized.svg meta:User talk:-revi for other stuff (like user right notifications or revert messages).

Incontro di Wikisource[modifica]

Ciao, al Bar stiamo pensando ad organizzare un incontro nazionale di Wikisource. Ti va di partecipare alla discussione? --MediaWiki message delivery (disc.) 12:02, 16 ott 2016 (CEST)