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Giudizi su Leo


Al primo meeting amici di Leo (N. Y. — 1933).

This is a meeting of friends, of people who, at some period of their lives met Leo Ferrero, who found, thanks to contact with him, something new and fresh in themselves, who want now to understand him better.

I am not here to introduce to you the memory of Leo Ferrero. We all loved him. Why did we love him? What did we love in him? Why this special love that all of us experienced for him, a love both for a child and for a guide, for somebody who asked for our protection and who at the same time protected us? Let us try to understand him: perhaps in this common attempt some relation of friendship will be established among us and nothing, I am sure, would better please him.

Leo Ferrero was an amazing equilibrium of mature education and of freshness, of clear and disenchanted worldly experience and of candid courage; of a natural, almost hereditary social poise and of shyness. This is why he was not only such a good friend, but such a charming and joyful companion; he was intelligent and never arrogant, he had the art of being intimate and never invadent. This pathetic equilibrium, not stable and mechanical, but conquered every day after facing every day new dangers, was the result, I believe, of two fundamental elements: a tradition and a personality; two elements so closely connected that without the one it is almost impossible to understand the other; but at