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202 giudizio di max ascoli

months of his life was destined to be his contribution to the politicai fight: the contribution of man who had neither interests nor ambitions in petty politics, who has little hope in political or social action, but still believes that it is his duty to embody his political and social idea in a work or art.

He was happy like a child at every new experience, and at the same time prudent like an old sage. He knew that everything may happen at every moment, and at the same time he was planning his life far ahead, for a long span of years. He would be less surprised than anybody else, knowing what has been his destiny. He knew that life can play every trick, but he knew also that one must be like a good school boy who has to accomplish his duty every day in order to close as many fences as possible in the unknown.

And this good student of life, this brave and courageous young man, loyal to his family, loyal to his country, this flower of human civilization, was killed by a drunken driver. What could Leo have said if he had known of such a destiny in somebody else? Perhaps he would have said that life is just such a thing; perhaps he would have gone farther in the search for his God and closer in the contact with his friends in order to give and to receive more love.

Max Ascoli.