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NOTES. (Heavy-faced flgures refer to pages; ordinary flgures, to the linea.). — 2. quei. The regalar plural is quelli, but before a consonant (except z or impure s) it is cbanged to quii.. condusse; past definite of condurre. — Sezione Baretti. Sezione meaiis districi; bere it is used for tbe public scbool iisclf, and is nanied after Giuseppe Marcantonio Baretti (1716-1789), a wellknown Itulian writer wbo livod a long time in England. In siniiliir manner tbe puljlic scbools in otber districts of Turin are nanieil after Tasso, Bouoouipagni, etc. See p. 86.. farmi inscrivere, bave niy name registered. Wben tbe pronoun is jniiuMl to tbe infinitive, tlie final e of tbe latter is dropped. terza elementare, lower tbird class.. pensavo. Tbe first jierson singular of tbe imperfr-rt iiiay end in o, altbough the usuai ending is a. di mala voglia, unwil.ingly.

zaini, knapsacks; translate bere scbool-bags. — cartelle, pnrtfolios;

cf. <icr. Miii’pru. — quaderni, writing-books; (ivT. = ]hJ’tc.. duravan fatica, bad (liUiciiity.. mi sentii toccare una spalla, I fclt some one toucli me on tbe sboulder. Tlie //// is dative <>f p(j.ssessiou witb una spalla.. disse, past definite of dire.. nonne, grandmotbers.. facendo un ronzio che pareva d’entrare in un teatro, niaking a noise like tbat beard on entt’ring tbe tbeatre.. camerone, augmentative of camera.. — ~. della prima superiore, of tbe upper first class.. nemmen = nè meno. Note tbe doubling of tbe consonant; tbis always occurs wben a moriosyliable or word witii accentcd final vowel is joined to auotber word.