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Porto il SAL a SAL 75%
<section begin="nome template"/>IncludiIntestazione<section end="nome template"/>
<section begin="data"/>5 novembre 2017<section end="data"/>
<section begin="avz"/>2575%<section end="avz"/>
<section begin="arg"/>Da definire<section end="arg"/>
</div></onlyinclude><!-- a qui -->{{Qualità|avz=2575%|data=5 novembre 2017|arg=Da definire}}{{IncludiIntestazione|sottotitolo=Capitolo XI|prec=../Capitolo X|succ=../Capitolo XII}}
<pages index="Gozzi - Memorie Inutili, vol 1, 1910 - BEIC 1837632.djvu" from=302 to=309 fromsection="" tosection="" />
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